Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Free Vacation Rentals Around The Globe

The Vacation Rentals

Are you in a feel that you have missed all the adventures of childhood??Are you willing to reconnect and enjoy with your whole family?? Then start planning a vacation, start selecting the place, enquires about the accommodations available, book them fast in advance before you go.

There are many villas around the world offering different prices staring from the 5star to the least; this shows that any sought of person can afford a home when planned for a vacation.

Here is the list of some villas around the world of different ranges say high, moderate and low.

The Vacation Rentals

Cheap Accommodations:
Koh Kho Khao (Thailand)—9.00 EUR.
Jacuzzi Condo Jomtien Comple, (Jomtien)—23.71 EUR.
House with garden, (tatako)—15.71 EUR
Hotel Mimosa, (Rome)
Piccolo Mondo Hotel Acquappesa, (Italy)-15$.

Moderate Accommodations:
The Magnolia Hotel (Dallas)--116$
Hotel Mandakini, UP (India)—1486 IND
Belvedere Hotel (Canada)—129$
Hotel Zurigo (Africa)—128$

Luxury and 5 star Hotels:
Hilton Copenhagen Airport hotel, (Denmark)—11992.15
The Egerton House Hotel, (London) -- GBP 555.00
Copenhagen Plaza, (Denmark) -- 10417.89
Taj Exotica Resort and spa (Maldives) — £895

Taj Exotica Resort and spa, Maldives:
Taj exotic Resort is an exclusive island with greeny atmosphere and clear waters. It is one of the romantic logoon in Maldives. The resort is in the list of leading top luxury hotels in the World. There are many water sports available and it just a 15min travel in luxury speed boat to the Male International airport.

The villas over there are welly furnished giving a costly look. Ocean view is the main plus point to the villa located here.

Know more about Free Vacation Rentals and enjoy your vacations.

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