Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Morroco/Marakesh- The land of god

Marrakesh is the ancient name for morocco meaning the land of god. This sensational destination in North Africa has a lot to offer to tourists roaming round the globe. This destination has a lot to offer , being the home for Casablanca is just one more addition to its travel fame, but morocco has a lot more to offer than just Casablanca.

Morroco’s cuisine is something really unique and one that should be enjoyed by all, even the simple serving of green tea with mint would tease our taste buds a lot. Figuig oasis in eastern Morocco and Tislit Lake, Imilchil in the Atlas Mountains, or architectural marvels, like in Volubilis, featuring the best preserved Roman ruins in this part of northern Africa, a UNESCO World Heritage site, or the numerous mosques around the country, which feature beautiful and intricate architecture.

The art and craft of Morocco is what makes it look so beautiful, be it the colorful carpets or the rugged look in the rugs or the beautiful blankets. The marketplace is just a visual delight which would remind us of the Arabic tales we have read over the years.

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