Monday, February 7, 2011

OZ road safety plan talks about mobile phone ban

An Australian road safety plan draft free by the Standing Committee on Transport in the federal Department of Infrastructure and Transport has debated a total ban on mobile phone use by drivers, at some indeterminate point.

The suggestion, seized on by the Sydney Morning Herald as “States urged to inflict total ban on mobile phone use in cars”.

The report recognizes speeding, drink driving, drug driving, not wearing seat belts and exhaustion as the main causes of deaths and serious injuries to Australian drivers.

Mobile phone use is sub-category of driver interruption, not even listed a top-five danger, along with the spread of sat-navs, onboard DVDs, complex sound systems, climate control, and extreme deployment of audio and visual signals for all aspects of vehicle operation.

The total ban on use (including hands-free use) is listed as an object to be arrived at by 2020. The road safety report notes that all states have by now tightened rules surrounding in-car mobile phone use.

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